Mission Statement

Carlton Education Services is a full service education institute offering courses focused on application based education with specific principles to help the students know not only what to do, but how to make it happen in their professional practice.  Carlton Education Services is dedicated to listening to those students who attend their courses and to constantly and quickly adapt to the needs of the students under the requirements of law.


A resume is available for all instructors by request. Instruction shall follow a specific timed outline and it may be necessary for the instructor to not answer all questions if they are not on the topic of discussion.  All instructors will have extensive experience and be professionals in the area of their topic.  No instructor may recruit during a course or on break or by using data collected by Carlton Education Services.

Attendance Policy

All courses will start as scheduled and shall begin as scheduled.  Course time is measured in fifty minute hours.  All students must meet the requirements of the hours being offered and attend all time required.  In compliance with the Arkansas Real estate Commission Regulation Section 35.358(a)(3), you will not be allowed to enter a course after it has started.  If you leave a class, except during breaks, you may at the discretion of the instructor lose credit for the time missed.  Partial credits are not offered, and to make up missed time will require attendance of another class, or as directed by the Principal Instructor.

Payment & Refunds

All deposits and payments are final once received by Carlton Education Services.  No student will be allowed to attend a course prior to full receipt of payment for the course without prior approval.  Any returned checks will be charged $35 as a return check fee and the check will be redeposited.

In the event of an emergency.  We will consider applying any deposits or payments to available future courses as long as notice is provided in advance of the course.

If a course must be cancelled by the instructor for emergency or for weather, a refund or credit toward future courses will be offered.  Please allow two weeks for processing of refunds.


Any complaint against Carlton Education Services about the instructor, services provided, education provided or other ethical issues should be reported directly to the Principal Instructor and when applicable to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission at the below contact addresses.

J. Dale Carlton, Jr.
Principal Instructor
525 W. 15th St.

Fayetteville, AR  72701
Arkansas Real Estate Commission
612 S. Summit St.
Little Rock, AR  72201-4740


Carlton Education Services will not allow harassment, disruptive behavior or recruiting of agents to other offices at any education offered.  It is our goal to offer an atmosphere free of harassment or retaliation based on a protected class or other discrimination.  Behavior that is considered disruptive by the instructor will not be tolerated.  The instructor may at any time withdraw and dismiss any student not acting in a reasonable manner.  This ability to dismiss a student is absolute and in the complete control of the instructor.  There is no requirement to refund monies at the time of withdrawal and dismissal.  However, we will take written complaints and consider a refund depending on the circumstance.


In the event weather is questionable, we will provide and email no later than 6 a.m. the day of a course updating whether class will be held.  We encourage all students to make good judgment and to not attempt to attend if it is unsafe based on the weather.

In the event of a cancellation students will be issued the option of a full refund or application to another course in the future where space is available.


Certificates for attendance class will be emailed once the course is complete and all hours are validated attended.  Certificates typically get emailed within two weeks of attendance.  Students are required to maintain proof of attendance and providing certificates to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission should they be requested to do so.  A copy of a certificate may be requested.  Please allow two weeks’ time for copies to be provided.

Privacy Policy

Carlton Education Services is dedicated to protecting privacy.  WE understand that your privacy is important to you.  We are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data, which is any information that is capable of identifying you as an individual person.  Below is how we handle and protect your personal data in connection with business activities, like conferences, seminars, education, events, classes, client services and websites, applications, and communications.

Carlton Education Services does collect personal data in the course of business activities, including sign-in sheets, sign-up processes, during education, and at other times through the services we provide.  WE also collect personal data on our website and applications in different areas through volunteer and non-volunteer type activities such as “cookies” that track you on our website and applications.  Sometimes, we also collect data through third parties in order to better reach out to you and provide the best educational services.

In all cases we may use data to perform analytics that allows us to better communicate with you during, before or after education services.  We may also share your personal data with third party service providers who perform services and functions on our behalf.  In general we may disclose information about you if required by law, when we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate, to enforce our policies or procedures, to prevent fraud, or to support compliance with the Arkansas Real Estate Commission or other government body.

Carlton Education Services has implemented generally accepted standards of technology and operational security to protect personal data from loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction.  Only authorized Carlton Education Services personal or providers are provided access.  Data is retained for the duration of the relevant business relationship and as required by law.

When granted by applicable law, you may have the right to request access to the personal data that we have collected relevant to you.  If you would like to make a request to access or review your personal data, please contact dale@hearthstonelaw.com to verify your request and identify and determine the need.

If you have any questions please contact us via the following contact information:

Carlton Education Services
525 W. 15th St.
Fayetteville, AR  72701

General Policy

  • Principal Instructor has final decisions regarding any and all questions or concerns.
  • No pets are allowed in the classroom. Service animals or emotional support animals are welcomed.
  • Children should not attend without prior permission.
  • Students should be at least 14 years of age to attend a course without permission otherwise.
  • A student must be eighteen years old before they can hold a real estate license in Arkansas.
  • Computers and other electronics may be used for note taking or assignments in class, but should not be used for email, texting or other business during the course.
  • Courses are not allowed to be recorded or videoed.
  • All personal property should be kept on your person when in attendance of a course. Carlton Education Services is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.